For any coffee connoisseur, the name “Dallmayr” is synonymous for rich, aromatic and flavour-filled coffee that will make you a fan at the very first sip! Here is more on this much-loved brand.

A Rich History

The roots of the company date to the 1700s when Christian Reitter began a trading business in Munich, Germany. In 1870, Alois Dallmayr becomes the owner and the namesake of the brand; it was in the 1930s however, that Dallmayr coffee came into existence with the hiring of 19-year-old coffee expert, Konrad Werner Wille.

Dallmayr Today

Dallmayr is still a family business and is synonymous with high-quality coffee at delicatessens and cafes in Europe and in Asia too. For example, Fits Retail, the sole authorised agent for Dallmayr in Sri Lanka gives coffee-lovers a chance to savour this brand; this includes the chance to purchase Dallmayr Coffee capsules in Sri Lanka to be enjoyed at home.

Signature Flavours

Throughout the years, the brand has maintained its trademark flavour and aroma; based in Germany, Dallmayr experts sample up to 400 cups of coffee daily to determine the quality and find which blends to be used. Amongst its signature coffee blends is “Prodomo” which is available as Nespresso capsules in Sri Lanka as well.

The Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans| Img via Unsplash

Equally significant are the raw coffee beans used which are sourced from countries like Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. Only the finest highland varieties are chosen and instead of dealing with large plantations, Dallmayr maintains close links with family businesses and ensures the beans are hand-picked and specially prepared.