A cuisine that’ll always leave you wanting for more, Vietnamese cuisine is simply awesome! With the dishes mentioned here, you are sure to fall in love with everything about Vietnamese food.


A delicious dish with a long history- pho, means a noodle soup that mainly has 4 ingredients. Rice noodles, herbs, meat (be it chicken or beef), clear stock, and banh pho (rice noodles) are all that you need for this unique dish.

Banh Mi

If you are holidaying in Avani Quy Nhon Resort which has one of the best restaurants in Vietnam, take the chance and enjoy a dish of Banh Mi. They serve the best versions of it as Banh Mi is the National dish of Vietnam.

HungryHuy, Two mini banh mi Vietnamese sandwichesCC BY 2.0

Nem Cuon

It’s also called ‘goi cuon’ in the southern parts of the country. You may call them fresh spring rolls as per how they look like and these are made with herbs, veggies, shrimp, and pork. They come in handy along with a delicious dipping sauce.

Cao Lau

It’s a dish of dry noodles and is topped with fresh greens, rice crackers, and fried pork rinds. What makes this dish even more special is that they only use water from one specific local well to cook this dish.