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22 Jul 2024

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Destination Dining

Durian Reign 

Durian, a fruit notorious for its pungent odour, holds a unique position in Malaysia.  Durian season becomes a national celebration, with its creamy flesh a prized delicacy. But what exactly makes this controversial fruit the undisputed “King of Fruits” in Malaysia? Let’s peel back the…

Destination Dining

A Foodie Adventure 

A landscape of spicy, fragrant curries, refreshing fruit soaked in the flavours of coconut, and steaming broths with mouthwatering cuts of meat, it is no surprise how beloved Thai cuisine is globally. Although the most iconic dishes can be found anywhere in the world, nothing…

Destination Dining

Salalah’s Culinary Secrets 

Sitting on Oman’s southern coast, the unique region of Dhofar offers an experience unlike any other, a marriage of monsoons and the Omani desert landscape. Salalah, Dhofar’s coastal gem, offers more than just the magic of its breathtaking scenery, with a rich culinary scene influenced…