What to eat in the Maldives – The Essential Eating Experiences

The Maldives is a truly fascinating island nation and her cuisine is one of her most definitive aspects. Most of the nation’s dishes are simple, delicious and are distinctively tropical.

Mas Huni

For breakfast there’s no dish more widely consumed than mas huni. This is essentially tuna, chopped onions, chilli, lime and coconut that has been formed into a homogenous paste. It can be consumed in a variety of way which include, eating with rice or flatbread, or being used as fillings for various snacks.



This simple fish soup is incredibly fragrant and is another one of the most fundamental dining experiences Maldives has to offer. It is an absolute staple and the original recipe simply only requires, tuna, water and salt. Modern versions include onions, chilli, garlic and curry leaves.



This is an umbrella term to refer to a range of snacks and street food that is famous throughout the Maldives. These include delightful items such as ‘bis keemiya’, which is the Maldivian equivalent of samosas, and ‘masroshi’, which is a bun of sorts made with a dough containing shredded coconut, stuffed with ‘mas huni’.


Saagu Bondibai

Maldives cuisine also has its share of sweet-treats, and this is one of the finest offerings. It’s a pudding of sorts made with sago, condensed milk, cardamom, rose and coconut milk. You can discover this indulgent dessert at any Maldives beach resort with examples such as Dhigali Maldives.

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Cheap Eats in Gold Coast – Light on the Wallet, but High in Flavour

Located in the state of Queensland, Gold Coast has developed a reputation for tourism and relaxation. As a result, many Australian families seek family accommodation in Gold Coast to spend their vacation. Because of its popularity, the cost of living and eating out in Gold Coast is thought to be high, but this is not necessarily the case as there can be a number of delicious dining options at decent prices available.


One such option is the Stingray Lounge located on Staghorn Avenue. The highlights at this restaurant include the Stingray Tacos complete with fillings ranging from fish and chicken to pork and king prawns which can be ordered for a mere $3! Another is One50 Public House found in Bundall. On Monday and Tuesday, sandwiches with delicious gourmet fillings can be ordered for only $10 while pizzas can be ordered for half price on Wednesdays. Bellakai, on the other hand, is located at the edge of Gold Coast near the Queensland-New South Wales border, and it offers a variety of meals at affordable prices. Its highlights, undoubtedly, are the variety of vegetarian breakfast options offered at reasonable prices. For around $16 per dish, patrons have an array of choices ranging from green bowls, muesli, mushroom wraps to fresh fruit. Bellakai can be found around the corner from Ocean Art Café and Gallery: just turn to your right, walk past the Oaks Calypso Plaza and Bellaki will be to your left, overlooking the ocean.


For those who love Thai food, the Pop Pad Thai down Laver Drive in Robina is ideal for its high in taste and low in cost. This Thai restaurant offers you the option of a $9.90 lunch menu complete with delicious Thai dishes. For those residing in Nerang, it doesn’t get much better than Caffe Chino which offers a breakfast special of a coffee with a bacon and egg roll for only $11! On the other hand, Wahoo’s located in Burleigh Heads, offers great value for money as well, with big chip bowls on offer for $3 as well as an offer of three tacos for $10.


Cheap eats in Gold Coast is no myth – if you search long enough, you can find delicious meals for a fraction of the price elsewhere.



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Mauritius Island a Perfect Place for Foodies – A Buffet of Taste and Flavours

Spicy, sweet, sour and juicy, name your craving and it’s served on a platter in Mauritius. This idyllic, little island in East Africa is not to be underestimated. It is home to merely a million people, yet once explored a million more tastes and flavours are revealed. Among those who influenced the culture, landscape and food are the Indians, Chinese, Africans and French. Quite a handful you might say. But wait until you step onto the streets and restaurants simply to indulge in the amazing variety of food. Why not also plan a long stay at InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort. This idyllic Mauritius resort will definitely ignite a passion for food that will take you beyond the confines of where you are staying.

Dholl Puri. If you don’t sample it in Mauritius, you should be ashamed to say you visited the island. It is practically akin to their national dish. The dish consists of delicious, crispy flat bread served with yellow split peas, bean curry and chutney. It won’t be much of a surprise that the island is also extremely popular for its seafood preparations. Prawns, fish, cuttlefish and even octopus are in abundance in this idyllic island.

Chillies, chillies and more chillies. In Mauritius, chillies are sprinkled onto every single dish. Even the heavenly pineapples and mangoes are served with a handful of chillies. You will definitely enjoy the fiery party in your mouth.

The food in Mauritius tastes brilliant particularly because the soil in the island is extremely fertile. You can purchase fresh produce in many parts of the island, but don’t forget to visit the massive market at Port Louis. Rose Hill is another amazing market located in close proximity to Port Louis. Schedule a lengthy visit to the markets and attempt to re-create a few dishes you have already sampled in Mauritius.

Pamper your taste buds to the fullest!