Traditional must try UAE dishes – Nothing short of yummy!

The authentic dishes of the UAE are full of spice and wonderful aroma that offers a wonderful dining experience! Given below are some of the Arabic foods that you simply must try if you are one to explore delicacies.


Stuffed Camel

Known in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the biggest dishes in the world, stuffed camel is also one of the most elite dishes to try. This Arabic delicacy can be found at fine dining restaurants in Dubai and is usually served at weddings.


Al Harees

This is one of the Arabic dishes that take the longest time to prepare! Meat and wheat are boiled together with a pinch of salt for hours and hours with other spices added to enhance the taste.



This is one of the most popular dishes even in Asian countries and served in most hotels like AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel. The entire dish consists of fresh vegetables cut up with a choice of meat all wrapped up in an Arabic roti.



This is a famous dip made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini paste and some salt and garlic. The dip goes well with dishes like shawarma, pita bread and other appetizers.


Donovan Govan., HummusCC BY-SA 3.0


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The Flavours of Arabian Gastronomy – Tasty Treats for the Food Lover

When it comes to Middle Eastern foods, Arabian cuisine offers an array of delectable dishes that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of the food lover with its remarkable flavours.



This distinctive food which may be described as the Arabian equivalent of a pizza consists of a circularly shaped bread that is sprinkled with ground meat, cheese or herbs. A perfect food for either lunch or breakfast, this food can be enjoyed at classy restaurants as well as street vendors.


Mervat Salman, Manaqish, CC BY-SA 4.0



This well-known spread which contains plenty of chickpeas can be enjoyed on many different foods, such as pita bread, baked potatoes or even a burger. When it comes to a Palm Jumeirah resort where you can enjoy both Middle Eastern and international cuisine, a choice to consider would be Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.


Grilled halloumi

Halloumi which comes in small slabs is a delicious treat made from sheep and goat milk. Halloumi differs from many kinds of cheese as neither bacteria nor acid is employed in its processing. Many restaurants in the Middle East offer this unique food.


Foul meddamas

Foul meddamas is a zesty dish made with fava beans, parsley, olive oil, garlic, onion and lemon. To be fair, this dish does not look particularly appetizing, as it is rather mundane in its appearance. However, its texture and taste more than compensate for this failing.


Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+

Top Middle Eastern food you need to try – A food guide for your Dubai vacation

Aroma, a flavour that hits the palate, and an exoticness to go with it, Middle Eastern food has been gaining steady popularity across the world. While you may have dipped your flat bread in a tiny bowl of hummus at home, you need to try the Middle Eastern food while in the Middle East for true authentication.


Topping the list of food you must try is Manakeesh, a pizza-like food that has meat and cheese on it. While the locals prefer to have this for lunch or dinner, you can try it as an evening snack, with gooey cheese oozing from the steaming hot bread. While on the topic of cheese, a cheese that is rather uncommon, and perhaps an acquired taste, you must try is grilled halloumi. It is made of sheep and goat milk, but without the bacteria-induced fermentation process. Thus, it is creamier and lacks the acidity of regular cheese. If you do not like the taste of this, you can simply switch tracks to meatier options and have Shish tawook, a skewered chicken served with a strong garlic paste, where all the taste seems to ooze from the various marinades it has been subjected to. Moving on the line of skewered dishes to try, Kofta is something that will definitely taste better than it looks. Presented like chunks of minced meat with a skewer through it, Kofta is made of minced beef or minced lamb. The most prominent taste in this dish is onions and is served with a rather spicy sauce. To truly contrast the strong tastes of this simple dish, have it at one of the Palm Jumeirah restaurants. The luxury setting of places like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort will create a brilliant balance with the simple, wholesome meals you try for a holistic gastronomical experience.


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