17 Jan 2021

Category: Recipes


Phak Kut Salad 

Ingredients Phak Kut Salad            Vegetable fern              70 g. Ground pork                 60 g. Squid                           40 g. Shrimp                         35 g. Dipping Sauce Red chilli                      5 g. Onion                           20 g. Lemon                          15 g. Fish sauce                    15 ml. Sugar                           5 g….


Nham Jai 

Ingredients Palm Sugar Syrup                                                   10ml Fresh ginger Juice                                                  20ml Fresh lime Juice                                                     20ml Coconut Milk                                                          30ml Fresh Pineapple Juice                                           30ml Malibu                                                                      20ml Appleton white Rum                                            40ml   Method of preparation Add and press the Thai Basil in the base of your glass Add all the…