Whether you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine or not, there are certain dishes that all travellers must savour during a trip to the country. Here’s a rundown of some of the top local meals to dig into.

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Goi Cuon

While you may have had spring rolls or Goi Cuon in Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants around the world, nothing will prepare you for the authentic flavour of Vietnam’s own take on the dish. With unusual fillings such as green banana, star fruits, and barbequed meat strips, spring rolls are also dipped in a delicious peanut sauce when enjoying it as a snack.

Banh Mi

Also called a Saigon Sandwich, this fusion dish is Vietnam’s version of a baguette. Containing both veggies and meat fillings infused with chicken and liver, it is a great snack and a breakfast dish that are easily available through street vendors outside Somerset Feliz Ho Chi Minh City and other similar apartments in Thu Duc City.

Banh Xeo

Pancake fans will not be able to get enough of this savoury variation of a traditional pancake that’s wrapped in rice paper instead of a wheat flour batter. Containing bean sprouts, eggs, shrimp and other meats, the pancakes are fried before being drenched in fish sauce right before consumption.

Cao Lau

Diners with a passion for a wholesome bowl of Vietnamese noodles will find that a mouth-watering serving of Cao Lau is the perfect starter any time of the day. Made using rice flour noodles and bean sprouts, the broth is both light and garnished with pork-rind croutons. Rice flour crackers are also often served with a bowl of soup to make it a complete meal.