The best coffee always comes from how the coffee beans were roasted. There’s really no better satisfaction than having a warm cup of coffee from the beans you’ve roasted yourself.

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Know your coffee
The very first thing to do when learning something new is to take a huge step back. A little unusual yes, but before you master the practice of coffee roasting, you need to know and understand your coffee. Take some time to learn the basics of coffee such as the different origins, defects, and the various processes involved before and after roasting. If you skip this step, you’re likely going to struggle when it’s time to get roasting.

Tasting coffee
The next art to be mastered would be how to learn to taste coffee. Yes! This is the next step. In fact, good coffee roasters tend to always be good coffee tasters. When you learn to understand different coffees and their tastes, you will easily be able to describe the different coffee you’re tasting. Before you purchase your next coffee maker in Sri Lanka, from the likes of Fits Retail, your coffee journey will have begun!

Once your journey in coffee roasting has begun, you need to really ask for feedback. Feedback is one way to improve your art of coffee roasting, and in the process, you will also learn a lot. Work with the people who taste your coffee and approach negative feedback with an open mind!

Keep trying
Once you have feedback and experience roasting coffee once, it’s a matter of doing it a few times to get it right. Remember, you shouldn’t give up until you’ve got it right!