Mauritius is not only a beach holiday spot for the masses but also a dream destination for food lovers. Here are some of the local cuisine’s top delicacies in terms of drinks, dishes, and desserts.


As a fusion dish that’s a contribution to the Sino-Mauritian community, Dimsums are a must-sample delicacy in Port Louis.  Served with an array of chutneys, these dough-wrapped meat and veggie snacks are fried or steamed. The First Restaurant is arguably the best location in Port Louis to savour this juicy treat.

Vanilla Tea

Vanilla Tea
Vanilla Tea – Image by aldooliveiraa via Pixabay

Served in nearly every establishment that calls itself the best restaurant in Mauritius, vanilla tea is a local beverage that’s as popular as it is delicious. Mixing classic Ceylon black tea with vanilla flavouring, this refreshing beverage is enjoyed all hours of the day and accessible to those based at The Residence Mauritius or any other rest in the country.


When it comes to must-try curries in the Mauritian canon, the seafood curries that have been influenced by Creole and Indian cuisine reign supreme. Made using fresh seafood and a tomato base that acts as the gravy, some of the common ingredients used to create the aromatic side dishes include turmeric, garlic, curry leaves, and onions.

Corn Pudding

Called Poudine Mais in the local tongue, this textured dessert is a combination of corn, coconut, and vanilla extract. Served in solid and liquid as well as hot and cold variations, it is the perfect dessert to end a traditional meal in Mauritius.