Home to some of the world’s most delicious North African dishes, Tunisia is a foodie’s dream come true. Here are some interesting facts on some of the country’s must-sample dishes and delicacies.


As a staple in nearly all Tunis restaurants, couscous is a meal that has come to exemplify Tunisian cuisine. Whether you’re based at The Residence Tunis or any similar rest, this staple dish is bound to be on the menu of every eatery and dinner table in the vicinity due to its popularity. Usually served alongside seafood, one of the must-sample variations of classic couscous is the mouth-watering Sfax Couscous, which hails from the country’s second-biggest city.


Harissa is a spice mix and paste that can be considered an essential ingredient in most Tunisian dishes and meals. As a condiment, Harissa is often tossed into stews, soups, and broths to add spiciness while grilled seafood and meat items also pair well with this chilli, pepper, and garlic infusion.


Although it is often compared to a crispy samosa, Brik has a wider range of fillings including those filled with tuna, eggs and potatoes. Folded over with pastry dough, the fillings really do depend on the restaurant and the preference of its diners but this crunchy snack is a big hit any time of the day.


Image via Wikimedia Commons (Finbar.concaig, Yo-yo biscuit (cropped), CC BY-SA 4.0)

When it comes to desserts, Tunisia offers a plethora of exciting options but none that are quite as delightful as Yoyos. Often served with a cup of mint tea, Yoyos are a sort of local variation on a doughnut, which features a honey glaze. Fragrant and irresistible, Yoyos are a favourite among those who love orange-flavoured desserts.