The taste and flavour of tandoor have taken the whole world by storm! Keep on reading to find out about the secret to this scintillating flavour that is so quintessentially Indian.


While Indians rightly claim the tandoor flavour to be a matter of national pride, the tandoor oven can be traced back to Punjabi cuisine in particular. Chargrilled meat, cooked to perfection with beautifully balanced spices, served with naan, also cooked in the same clay urn, is a dish that is now famous, all over the world!


Are you dreaming of tucking into some tandoori, tikka and plenty of flatbreads? Any Indian restaurant worth it’s salt will serve up dishes singing of the tandoor flavour on its menu! If you’re looking for a British Indian restaurant in Dubai serving up some tandoori dishes, the likes of Tandoor Tina will satisfy your cravings.


DronqqoTandoor bread 1CC BY-SA 3.0

The oven used to create the tandoor flavour is a clay urn that acts as an ancient hot pot. The clay oven is bell-shaped and is made especially for making naan and grilling meats. The fires in the oven can remain lit for long periods and the temperature can reach a staggering 480 °C which helps provide that inimitable flavour!