Grilling Kebab
Grilling Kebab | Img. Courtesy: Pixabay via Pexels

This exotic travel destination is famed for its sky-high mountains, spectacular panoramic views and excellent hospitality. However, the sumptuous Omani delicacies still rank high in the list of reasons to visit Oman for your next vacation.


Served with a side of vegetables, Kebab is a dish of curried meat that is usually barbecued or grilled beef or chicken. Often savoured along with spicy rice, this mouth-watering exotic dish can be found in many dining venues in Oman. Best hotels and eateries in and around the cities offer this scrumptious dish that can be enjoyed by all.


Omani Madrouba
A tantalizing combination of exotic spices, soft rice, chicken and fragrant biriyani, this dish is usually washed down with sweetened tea and desserts with dates and rose water. Even though Omani Madrouba can take an entire day to prepare, it is worth spending all that time to savour its divine taste.


Omani Flatbread with Egg and Cheese
A warm, crispy flatbread encases a buttery mix of cream cheese and soft egg. It can even be savoured as a fantastic breakfast that will make you wanting more. If you are in Oman and on the lookout for such traditional sumptuous delicacies, you can consider options such as Desert Nights Camp that feature luxurious accommodation along with celebrated restaurants.


Spiced Omani Milk Tea
Similar to “Chai”, the spiced Omani milk tea is basically spicy tea sweetened with condensed milk. Otherwise named as “Karak” in Oman, this milk tea is spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove.


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