In Kuala Lumpur, among the best things you experience, street food will always take a very special place. The street food you find in Chinatown in KL cannot be beaten by any other of the sort, and you will quickly realize why we say so if you just try the following street food items when here!

Image credit-See-ming Lee, Egg Tarts with Puff PastryCC BY 2.0

Curry Laksa

Many tourists book their hotel rooms in Kuala Lumpur without meals and this is one of the main reasons they head on to KL’s Chinatown to taste this dish called Curry Laksa. Head along the Madras Lane which serves up two types of laksa- Assam and curry laksa.

Beef Noodles

If you are in love with fresh beef noodles or even ground beef noodles that you can find at the restaurants of properties such as Berjaya Times Square Hotel, you will be pleased to know that Chinatown too serves up this type of dishes. The dish may not look that rich and classy as the hotel’s one, but it has all the basics in it and is definitely worth a try!

Egg Tart

In Chinatown of KL, you will find a lot of authentic desserts, and Egg Tarts are surely one of them. They taste as good as they look so definitely try it out!

Lala Clam Noodles

This is also a signature dish of most of the street food stalls you find in Chinatown. Freshly prepared in a salty, flavoursome broth, this dish is also a little spicy to taste.