Eating like a local is often regarded as one of the best methods to discovering a country’s or a city’s true identity and the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is no different. Street food is of course a tried and true favorite of tourists the world over as the affordable and readily available treats capture the essence of the local cuisine while also showcasing many of the influences, both cultural and culinary, that have shaped the pallets and the lifestyles of the city’s inhabitants.
Littered with street food vendors the roads and by ways of Jakarta are a food lover’s dream come true as snacks, whole meals, desserts, and a range of refreshments can be found along the streets of this thriving metropolis. Those looking to explore one of Jakarta’s most popular food hubs should heads down to the hawker centre in the southern fringes of the city, dubbed Block S. Located near a football stadium this sprawling community style hawker centre brings together the finest street food in the city to one location. Sold at unbelievable prices guests can dine seated in long tables that can accommodate several diners simultaneously.
Some of the must-try items at the venue include Bakso meatballs and Sate Kambing that are grilled to perfection on charcoal powered grills. Steaming plates of Nasi Goreng, Indonesia’s signature dish can also be enjoyed here along with soups the likes of Soto Betawi. Siomay fish dumplings in peanut sauce is another local favorite while visitors should also try Roti Bakar and shaved ice desserts the likes of Es Podeng with one’s own choice of toppings ranging from chocolate chips, jelly, peanuts and avocado.

Other major food districts include Tanah Abang’s Blok G Market while main thoroughfares the likes of Jenderal Sudirman are also littered with small-scale food vendors. Other must-try street food highlights include Ayam Balado, Mung Bean Porridge, Ikan Asam Pedas fish stew, and Fried Gourami Fish. Fried Tofu and Tempeh dishes are also commonly sold along Jakarta’s streets which are equally popular for Melinjo Chips.
Kopi Soda and spiced ginger tea are other hot-pick favorites when it comes to local refreshments while
Pretty Sweet Pearl Cakes and coconut Pandan crepes are also worth a taste.

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Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and hopes to visit them all someday.