You’ve never truly experienced Singapore if you haven’t had a taste of the country’s exotic and mouth-watering dishes on offer. When one resides at a luxury hotel in Singapore, one will be able to savour a rich treat that such facilities are renowned for. Sheraton Towers Singapore which is a 5 star hotel in Singapore will provide you with a memorable stay where you can embark on your very own culinary adventure in the city.
Char kway teow which is a hawker favourite and comprises of sliced Chinese sausages, bean sprouts, prawns, eggs and even some succulent fried pork. One may also indulge in some Wonton that is served with shrimp or pork dumplings along with thin egg noodles that are quite simply gorgeous in taste. You must try some Chilli crab for it is one of the most sought after of dishes amongst locals and travellers which comes bathed in spicy hot chilli-tomato gravy. For something out of the ordinary, there’s sambal stingray which is bathed in local spices and grilled to perfection. Oyster omelettes are also some of the best dishes that one will come across while in the country. A western specialty such as BBQ chicken wings in hot garlic chilli dip would all but complete your culinary journey. Satay, nasi lemak, mee siam and a whole lot more can be enjoyed at one’s own pace while strolling through Singapore.


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