Similar to the beautiful isles of Maldives, the Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of over one hundred islands located in the Indian Ocean that is considered to belong to the African continent. Seychelles is believed to have the smallest population of any State in Africa and received independence in 1976. Given its colonial history and its geographical location, the Seychellois cuisine is a hybrid and interesting one. Influenced by both its pre-colonial and colonial past, the cuisine of Seychelles has drawn inspiration from the African, French, Indian and British cuisines. When residing in a Hotel, Seychelles, it is absolutely essential that one explores this delectable cuisine as much as possible if they are to experience the true spirit of Seychelles.

Choose from a wide range to hotels such as the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino, where you can opt to enjoy the cuisine of the country from the comfort of your hotel. Try venturing outside its walls and indulging in street foods which has its own unique allure for that is how the locals eat. Given the location of Seychelles in the heart of the Indian Ocean, fish, seafood and shellfish feature prominently in their main meals. Supplementing these dishes are rice and curry, as well as other lentils, fruits and vegetables. True to its heritage, some of the speciality dishes have been influenced by its past and includes Bourgeoisie Grille, Cassava Pudding, Coconut curries, Fruit Bat and Satini Rekin. The latter is dried shark chutney that is considered a delicacy in the country. In the preparation of these meals, numerous spices are used and some of the more frequently used species include lemongrass, tamarind and ginger. To wash down one’s meal, locals opt for coconut water, palm wine and various beers and rum.

Food speaks a language of its own and indulging in the local cuisine is always a wonderful way to explore the culture and history of the place one visits, and the cuisines of Seychelles is no exception.

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