With its old-timey nostalgia, cutting-edge adventures, creative quirks, and mouthwatering food culture, Guangzhou is rich in flavourful experiences for fun-loving gastronomes. Here are some authentic Cantonese eats you can’t afford to miss!

PaulGorduiz106, Wonton noodles from Wok It (11-20-2022), CC BY-SA 4.0

Claypot Rice

Full imaginatively adrenaline-rich antics, from the high-octane escapades at Chimelong Paradise to magical outdoor scenes like the panoramas atop White Cloud Mountain and the dreamy poetry of Moon Lake, Guangzhou will satisfy your wildest wanderlust cravings. After a day of delightful exertion, there’s nothing more heartening than the steaming enrichment of this authentic staple rice dish with succulent marinated meat, tender vegetables, and piquant broth.

Wonton Noodles

If you’re more into slurping flavour-rich noodles by the bowl, this fragrant and mouthwatering Cantonese special comprises delicate egg and flour noodles, tangy fish broth, bamboo shoots, and shrimp balls, perfect for a light yet bracing pick-me-up.

Vermicelli Rolls

For a delectable snack that is the perfect companion to your ardent explorations, nothing beats Guangzhou’s buttery and translucent stuffed rolls generously bursting with juicy meat, eggy slivers, and colourful diced veggies, accompanied with soy sauce dip. If you’re questing for sophisticated serviced apartments in Guangzhou, venture no further than the likes of Oakwood Premier Guangzhou.

Ting Zai Congee

Cantonese porridge or congee is an elaborate affair that is fine-tuned to tantalise the most blasé of tastebuds, and Ting Zai queens over them all with its decadently woven flavour tapestry of sweet, and savoury jellyfish, shrimp, peanuts, green onion, ginger, and egg.

Sai Mai

Soup for dessert is a delicious eccentricity of Cantonese cuisine, and Sai Mai is the perfect conclusion to your essential round of Dim Sum with its creamy, custardy base and easily digestible sago pearls.