Malaysia is iconic for its contrasts, evident in its pulsating hives like Kuala Lumpur, where futuristic skyscrapers soar over quaint little kampungs and record-breaking adventure parks with picturesque highland farms, and its vibrant food culture is no different! Here are some of its traditional delicacies that still bring utmost delight to the modern palate.

Alpha from Melbourne, Australia, Curry Laksa – Laksa King (2597729514), CC BY-SA 2.0

Nasi Lemak

If your day is lined up with thrilling adventures, whether it’s high-octane rides at Sunway Lagoon or splurging at the heart-stopping emporiums of Bukit Bintang, make sure you amp up your energy levels with Malaysia’s beloved Nasi Lemak; an addictive concoction of coconutty rice, spicy-sweet sambal, vegetables, meat, peanuts, and a hard-boiled egg for good measure. Head to Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa for the best variety of accompaniments for this iconic dish!


Whether it’s fragrant Assam Laksa with its piquant broth and punchy notes of torch ginger, tamarind, and mackerel, the irresistibly creamy Curry Laksa with slippery noodles in the richness of curry paste infused coconut milk, or the spicy and luscious Sarawak laksa with its ample toppings and generous garnish, this staple Malaysian comfort food is not to be missed! The best places to satiate your laksa craving include Charlie’s Café for Sarawak Laksa with sambal belacan and Limapulo: Baba Can Cook serves up a mouthwatering authentic Curry Laksa.

Kaya Pau

If breakfast is what gets you springing up in the morning, Malaysia’s exquisite traditional brekkie of tangy, silky kaya jam on toast, topped with a half-boiled egg, hits the spot just right, especially when paired with a good, strong cup of coffee at the Toast Box. If you’re looking for reputed providers for well-heeled senior living in Kuala Lumpur, venture no further than the likes of Domitys Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.


Simple, satisfying, and snackable, you can munch on these juicy, subtly charred meat skewers paired with delicious peanut dip to your heart’s content at Satay Station.