All the world’s cuisine comes together and is no match for the Arabian way of dining. With unique flavours, spices and preparation methods, the various countries in the Arabian region offer a set of diverse cuisine that is sure to leave one speechless. 

Paul Goyette, Hummus from The Nile, CC BY-SA 2.0

Emirati Cuisine

The food in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, belonging to the United Arab Emirates is perhaps the most globally inspired and creative of all. UAE’s favourite ingredients found in most dishes and sweets offered by the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi are recognised as cinnamon, various nuts, turmeric, saffron, dried fruit and limes that are often sourced from the Middle East itself, or the Arabian Gulf and Asia. Therefore, savouring the flavours of these specials is nothing new to guests of hotels like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort. 

Levantine Cuisine

Levantine cuisine does not belong to a specific country. Countries in the Western Asian region of the Eastern Mediterranean area were historically known as levant. While the area may not belong to the Arabian region in the least, Levantine cuisine has been synonymous with that of the Arabs due to the land bridge that connected Eurasia and Africa, making its mark along all these regions. Some of their favourite dishes are the world-famous falafel, kafta kebabs tabbouleh and hummus. 

Omani Cuisine

While the country may be small, Oman is by no means behind in the gastronomical game. Due to its geographic location, the country has been at the centre of various traders that crossed paths from African and Eurasian regions, influencing their culinary practices in the most unique and diverse ways to bring out the flavours that they carry today. Some of the most commonly found ingredients and types of food in Oman are limes, cloves, coconut milk, dates and seafood. 

Qatari Cuisine

With flavours that come in from countries like India, North Africa, Iran and Lebanon, Qatari Cuisine seems to be evolving every passing day. However, the most Qatari dish that one would find in the country would be Machbous, which features basmati rice, raisins, onions, pine nuts, tomatoes, chicken, fish or mutton, mixed up with flavourful spices.