Traditional flavours coupled with major influences from neighbouring countries; Maldivian cuisine is one that you’ll keep wanting more! Here’s what you should know about it.

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Did you know that coconut is a staple ingredient in Maldivian cuisine? Known locally as ‘kurumba’, coconuts are a vital part of Maldivian culture, extending to many of its dishes. Coconut is used in many different forms; grated, pieces, milk form and sometimes even deep fried. Coconut is also used in numerous mocktails and fruit-based beverages.

As with most renowned cuisines around the world, starches are also a staple in Maldivian cuisine. Sweet potato, cassava and taro are the main starches used, along with screwpine and breadfruit. Rice is also a common starch that accompanies a lot of Maldivian dishes.

As the Maldives is an archipelago, fish is a star ingredient, with tuna being the fish used mostly. There are several types of tuna, such as skipjack tuna, frigate tuna, little tunny, and yellowfin tuna. The different ways in which tuna is prepared are by curing, smoking, sun-drying and even grilling. If you’re a lover of fish, and tuna, you’re in for a treat! Even the best restaurants in Maldives, such as those at properties like Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences use fish as the main ingredient for some of their dishes.

Different forms of curries are popular in the Maldives, and the main ingredients used in these curries are peppers, fresh chillies and other spices. Vegetable curries are also popular in the Maldives.

Also known as Dhivehi cuisine, the cuisine of the Maldives consists of a myriad of unique flavours – you’re in for a treat when in the Maldives!