Sri Lanka’s cuisine is both mild, spicy, sweet and sour thanks to its long history of traders and colonisers who have influenced the local cuisine, creating a delicious blend of Dutch, Portuguese, English, Arab, Malay and Indian flavours. Sri Lankan cuisine focuses on making the most of local seasonal fruit and vegetables, coconut and an abundance of spices, to deliver an array of mouthwatering dishes.


Probably more famous for its spice infused curries and sweetmeats, the island has a wide variety of hearty and healthy dishes and finger foods. The best place to try finger foods or “short eats” as it’s known locally, is the Galle Face Green, a long esplanade located in the heart of the city, surrounded by some of the best luxury hotels and Apartments in Colombo such as the new Shangri – La One Galle Face.


Every evening, crowds gather here to watch the blazing sun set over the Indian Ocean and partake in the mix of delicious food on offer from one of the many food vendors lined up along the walkway. Here you can find crunchy cassava chips, fish cutlets, and “achcharu”, a pickle that can be made out of either fruits or vegetables, which are chopped up and tossed in salt, chilli powder and sometimes vinegar. No visit to Galle Face would be complete without eating “Isso Wade”, a deep fried lentil topped with shrimp, onions and lime juice.


Past the small vendors and you’ll find the larger stalls with open kitchens and alfresco dining areas; here more substantial meals can be found like shawarmas with a variety of fillings, satay skewers, and a local favourite “Kottu” a dish made of rotis, vegetables and egg all chopped together on an open grill and served with a spicy curry.


There’s more to see and eat around the island, from its coastal seafood curries and delectable array of vegetable curries and fresh sambols. But if you lack time, an evening at Galle Face will give you an idea of some of the delectable cuisine the island has to offer.


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