Phuket, a southern island in Thailand with a long rich history of trade with China, India and Portugal is one of the most culturally diverse islands, which also caters to an array Thai, Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines. The island’s access to an abundance of tropical fruits, vegetables and seafood ensures some of the best fresh meals! Thai food is a mouth-watering combination of sweet, sour and spicy ingredients concocted to create one of the best, exotic cuisines in the world. As many visitors seek for a beach restaurant in Phuket, which creates the perfect ambience and setting for guests to savour every bite of their meal,Anantara Layan Phuket Resort has the ideal restaurant for this!

Tom Yum is Thailand’s famous spicy sour soup and Tom Yum Goong; which translates to prawns, is the next best thing. A clear soup flavoured with lemon grass, fresh galangal roots,kaffir lime leaves and shallots is enjoyed by everyone. Pad Thai, another famous and common Thai dish is a delectable invention of rice noodles, egg, chill, and tofu and often includes prawns or chicken, and is usually found in roadside cafes in Phuket. Pad See Ew is a Chinese based dish that is similar to Pad Thai combining fried noodles, infused with soy sauce along with thin strips of meat is a favourite amongst the locals and tourists. Massaman curry is of Persian origin and is a signature dish of Phuket. This dish of beef and potatoes is famous for its coconut milk infused flavour, topped with roasted peanuts or cashews. Por Pia are a Thai version of spring rolls which bursts of spices and are served with an apricot dipping sauce. For a sweeter alternative, Gai Med Ma-Muang is a stir fried chicken dish packed with fresh vegetables and cashew nuts. For the less daring, be sure to try out Phuket’s Fish and Chips.
The Oh Eaw is a dessert combining shaved ice, banana jelly, beans and sweet syrup which is the perfect way to beat the afternoon heat of the island.

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