Singapore is a wonderful place to explore. It has an amazing night life and so much to do that you will never feel like leaving the country. The most compelling factor of Singapore is the night life that it offers. In addition to that, it also boasts vibrant streets lined with amazing shops and restaurants that reveals an entirely new world of culinary and experiential delights.

One of the most delectable features of this cosmopolitan city-state are its riveting outdoor dining options that feature everything from Singaporean favourites such as chicken curry and rice to the international junk food staples that form part of the culinary palate of every city around the world. With the ever-changing landscapes of Singapore, restaurant owners are forever trying to make their restaurant better than their peers, in the spirit of healthy competition that makes capitalism such a fundamental part of any successful modern economy. This means that diners of all stripes, from professional connoisseurs of the finest cuisines to the casual sampler looking for some tasty selections to bring the evening to the perfect close, will discover a variety of options to please their unique palates.

In Singapore, the concept of dining out as a hobby is known as ‘makan’ by the locals, as for them, it is mostly a way of life. Gastronomical exploration forms a huge part of Singaporean culture, with hoards of friends gathering each evening to sample the boldest and most delicious flavours steaming within the Singaporean melting pot. If you are looking for a cost effective meal, try looking for a hawker centre. These are semi-enclosed housing building rows, they serve a variety of foods and desserts, and they even custom-make it for you whilst you watch the artful motions of the chef as he slices, dices, spins and sizzles the ingredients right in front of you. A show before dinner – what better way to whet the appetite for what’s to come?

On the streets you can find Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, and Malay food, each of which is buzzing the flavours and spices unique to the region of the world that bred them. Little India is full of restaurants and little eateries boasting prime choices of both northern and southern Indian food. Chinatown Food Street is another favourite amidst locals and international diners, as it features some prime soups, noodles bowls, sweet meats, and other favourites that make dining out in Singapore such a treat for the senses.

A quality array of luxury hotels in Singapore await your pleasure, chock full of world-class restaurants that offer some stellar examples of five-star dining. Consider investing in an upscale brand of Singapore hotels such as the Millennium & Copthorne hotels Singapore whose central location and elegant interiors make it a fine option for business and leisure visits. Some places to try out includes the Artichoke Cafe & Bar, which is situated in a cobblestone courtyard and serves food from Turkey, Spain, and Greece, a true Mediterranean miracle.


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