Coffee flavours have driven an insatiable thirst amongst people. For some people, even two cups of coffee a day aren’t enough! This is why Sri Lanka, a traditionally tea-drinking country, is slowly tipping towards an increase in coffee consumption.

Birth of Coffee
The origins of the Coffea arabica plant (coffee beans) is from the lush highlands of Ethiopia. According to legends, the cultivation of coffee began after a goat herder named Kaldi encouraged monks to drink coffee after he witnessed his goats being remarkably energised and sleepless at night.

The Past
Sri Lanka used to be the world’s third-largest coffee exporter competing with giants like Brazil and Indonesia. Unfortunately, coffee plantations were completely devastated in the 1860s in an unavoidable incident.

The Present
Today, many coffee solution firms are striving to reignite the culture of coffee in Sri Lanka by providing the finest coffee to tantalise the taste buds. One such exceptional provider is Fits Retail that caters to high-quality coffee beans and world-renowned coffee equipment to its customers.

The Future
Globally, coffee is one of the most traded commodities. However, it is feared that one-day coffee could run out dry due to the current rise of addiction and irrepressible demand.