Coffee has always been an integral element in the culture of Dubai and the Middle East. You get greeted with a cup of coffee when you head into a residential home or even a corporate office.

It’s a symbol of hospitality

A cup of coffee in the Middle East showcases a great degree of hospitality. It’s a part of their culture and there’s no better way to say ‘welcome’ to a new guest in the UAE.

Coffee in the UAE has a special name

According to the locals, coffee means qawha. Since Middle Eastern countries have several dialects, don’t be surprised if you get to hear different versions of the same term.

The Coffee Museum

When you are in Dubai, just don’t forget to head to the Coffee Museum. You’ll be able to explore the history of coffee and how it came to the UAE passing Ethiopia, Yemen, and Arab. It also helps you explore the spread of coffee consumption in Europe and South America.

Taste the best coffee

NoMad Coffee bar in Dubai | Image via Nomad Day Bar Official Instagram Page

Head to a café in Dubai the likes of Nomad Day Bar to taste different flavors of coffee. This is also a great way to energize your soul after a hectic day.