Dubai symbolizes modernization, and that’s a fact! It’s a destination with a world-class drinking scene and that’s surely worth exploring.

Drinking- prohibited?

You must be aware of the fact that Dubai is a country governed by Sharia Law. This law does not allow Muslims to drink alcohol, but as Dubai is already a massive tourist destination, it’s not prohibited for them to enjoy drinks.

Licensed establishments

Bars and restaurants in Dubai have to obtain a special license if they are to serve alcohol. Many great spots such as Monkey Bar Dubai offer great drinks.

Drink while enjoying

Drinking while enjoying the music, dance, surroundings, and chats is a part of the Dubai culture now. If you opt for a rooftop bar in Dubai, you’ll surely be rewarded with mesmerizing views. This is how the Dubai nightlife gets even more awesome.

Brunch is a thing there

International Brunch | Image via Freepik

Brunch is a stylish trend in this metropolitan city. If you like brunching with your buddies, be aware that both local and international dishes are available to delight your taste buds.