Have you ever tried North Indian food? Their names ate unique, so are their tastes. If you try out them once, you are sure to crave more and more!

Chole Bhature

Bhature means fried bread. Chole Bhature means spicy chickpeas that are generally eaten with fried bread. If you are not in India, but in Dubai, note that this dish is available at Tandoor Tina or any other Indian restaurant in Dubai.


This is for those who don’t have a strong idea as to what to eat. Because Thali means a bit of everything. You get curries, salads, and sweet dishes, all together.


When you fill vegetables with bread, that’s generally called Paratha. Indian lifestyles are so interconnected with this dish, and you are also going to love it!


Samosas can be found out in any part of the world, but the North Indian recipe is extra-special. When the spices are added just appropriately, samosa is much tastier.

Pani Puri

Pani Puri Dish | Image via Freepik

Locals also call them ‘Gol Gappa’. It’s a street food item in North India and tastes much better when you seat it in one mouthful! Yes, that’s the true North Indian style.