A key part of travelling to the Middle East is getting to sample diverse Arabic dishes and here are some that every foodie should try.

A popular Arabic dish, kibbeh is also a favourite for international visitors. It’s generally made with ground beef, bulgur and onions, though other meats can be used too. The ingredients are mixed and then fried to create a beef cake that though small offers a big satisfying taste! Interestingly, you also get a raw version of this dish.


When visiting Oman, apart from enjoying things to do in Sohar at properties like Al Wadi Hotel, one should look to savour majboos! It’s like biryani and features rice mixed and cooked with various spices, meats such as chicken and vegetables. Yoghurt is usually served with this dish which is generally eaten on special occasions.


Hummus | Image via wiki media commons

While there’s a debate as to where this dish is from (varies from Arabic, Greek or Israeli origin), it has become an essential part of Arabic cuisine. It makes a yummy appetiser, best eaten with pita bread; consisting of mashed chickpeas blended with lemon, garlic and tahini, this delicious and savoury dip / spread isn’t to be missed.

Warak Enab

A popular dish in Lebanese cuisine, warak enab features vine or grape leaves; these leaves are used as a wrap and stuffed with rice that’s been combined with other ingredients which can include tomatoes, onions and mint. As you may have guessed, it’s perfect for vegetarians looking to sample a meat-free Arabic speciality.