When it comes to beverages, only tea is as well-loved as coffee. Although there are more than 30 variations in preparing a cup of coffee, some of the world’s favourite coffee drinks are as follows.

Café Latte


Latte | Image via Unsplash

Also known as Café au Lait, this is perhaps the most ordered type of coffee in most cafés around the world. Mild in flavour, a latte is made using a single shot of coffee that is infused in scalding or steamed milk. Although it is frothy, it is different from flat white coffee.

Caffè Americano

This is perhaps the easiest cup of coffee to prepare. Only a single shot of espresso and boiling water are required to make a cup of Caffè Americano, which became the beverage du jour thanks to American soldiers fighting in World War II. They discovered this type of coffee lasts for a longer period of time. Those who purchase coffee machines in Sri Lanka from a vendor such as Fits Retail or any other can also prepare this with some espresso powder.


Cappuccino is among the world’s most consumed types of coffee and is made up of three layers. The base layer consists of one shot of espresso, which is then topped off with steamed milk. The final layer consists of foamy and frothy milk and this provides the perfect balance. Most baristas also like to top off the final layer with shavings of chocolate or cocoa powder. Italians like to consume cappuccino with their breakfast.

Long Black

With two shots of espresso and water, long blacks are a strong coffee variety that’s ideal for those who wish to stay awake.