Maldives is not only famous for its tropical beauty and watersports, but also for its succulent range of fresh meals that will satisfy your cravings on any given day. If you were wondering what to try during your stay, here are some recommendations for you.

mashuni | Image by ╚ DD╔ via flickr


Undoubtedly the talk of the town (or island in this case), Mashuni is a popular dish you can find anywhere on the island. Made with fresh tuna, desiccated coconut, grated meat, and spices as needed, you can find many dining offers during your stay on the island easily via Excellent Hotel Deals.


The clear fish broth and freshly caught fish served to you steaming hot is the comfort food you didn’t know you needed. You can enjoy Garudhiya with a bowl of rice or eat it like soup, either way, you will love the fresh and healthy feeling of this dish.


Test your tastebuds with Bondibaiy, steamed rice cooked with sugar, rose syrup and pandan leaves. You can pair this with a hot and spicy chicken or fish curry for an unbelievably great pairing of tastes. Bandibaiy is known to be a dish that is cooked in Maldives on special occasions.


A signature dhal curry invented by Maldivians; this is perfect for those who prefer mild flavours that comfort your belly. You can try Muguriha with rice or roshi, or pair it with other curries for a wholesome meal.