Dining in Maldives is one of the key experiences to look forward to and here are some of the best dishes to try as you take your taste buds on a unique journey of discovery!

Garudhiya Boa
Garudhiya Boa | Image by Two Dead Fish via flickr

Mas Huni

When it comes to breakfast in the Maldives, restaurants and households will generally have mas huni on the menu. The key ingredient of this dish is shredded smoked tuna that is mixed with ingredients such as grated coconut, chilli, and onion with a dash of lemon or lime added as well. Mas huni is generally eaten with roshi, a type of flatbread accompanied by tea.

Maldivian Curries

On holidays at private resorts, the likes of OBLU SELECT Sangeli, look to sample some Maldivian curries like those you will find in neighbouring India and Sri Lanka. As you would expect, fish curries are very popular such as mas riha and kandu kukulhu made from tuna; chicken curry or kukulhu riha is also much loved, while you get curries made from mango, eggplant, pumpkin, and unripe green bananas too.


Those who love trying soups should look to savour garudhiya one of the traditional dishes in Maldives. Fresh tuna is again the key ingredient and is cooked with chilli, garlic, onion, curry leaves and a dash of lime that help create a nourishing and zesty broth. This easy-to-make soup is normally served with roshi and makes for a satisfying meal.


A popular snack and ideal when hunger suddenly strikes, masroshi is mostly enjoyed at breakfast or afternoon tea and is best eaten with a hot cup of tea. The dough for this treat is made with flour, warm water, oil, and salt, while the stuffing can include tuna, chillies, ginger, onions, garlic, and minced curry leaves; it is rolled into a ball, flattened, and pan-fried to perfection.