The taste of Sichuan cuisine is supposedly unlike any other. Sichuan dishes are well received internationally especially since they boast deep and rich flavours. Read on to find out more!

Discovering Sichuan Cuisine
Rich Flavours of Sichuan Cuisine

Hot and Spicy
Each Sichuan dish requires a different cooking method. While it has a variety of different seasoning, Sichuan food is known for it’s hot and spicy flavour though some dishes also taste sweet and sour. Sichuan cuisine requires Sichuan pepper, chilli, black pepper, broad bean chilli paste shallots, ginger and garlic.

Sichuan Hot Pot
Beware, Sichuan hot pot is numbingly spicy! The broth is flavoured with chilli peppers are other such strong tasting herbs and spices. You’ll notice that the main ingredients include hot pepper, Chinese crystal sugar and wine.

Kung Pao Chicken
Commonly known as Gongbao Jiding in Mandarin this dish is quite popular among Westerners. If you’re looking for something spicy, then this dish is definitely it! If you’re holidaying in Singapore, look out for this dish PARKROYAL On Kitchener Road Singapore which boasts a great Singapore Sichuan restaurant!