Just as captivating as its attractions, is the food culture in Shanghai and here’s more on what you need to know before embarking on culinary adventures in the city.

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Key Characteristics

Linked with the province they originate from, there are eight classic Chinese cuisines and all of them can be savoured in Shanghai! The food here shares many characteristics of the Jiangsu province (to which it once belonged) and key ingredients include Shaoxing wine, sugar and soy sauce; these give dishes a sweeter flavour than those in other parts of China.

Local Eateries

Small local eateries are known for their street food that can be enjoyed while staying at apartments in Changning District Shanghai; those based at properties like Citadines Songhong Road Shanghai can look to visit such establishments and savour authentic dishes that feature seasonal ingredients and fresh flavours. Eateries will generally specialise in a few dishes so head to several on your foodie tours!

Shared Dining Experience

Sharing meals with family, friends or guests is a quintessential part of Shanghai food culture and will be apparent when exploring the city. When dining out and ordering food for example, usually one dish per person will be ordered as well as an extra two to be shared at the table; if guests are present, the host will generally order more dishes for the table too.

Must-try Dishes

Amongst the top dishes to try are Xiao Long Bao (steamed soup dumplings), pan-fried dumplings and during the season (October to early December), hairy crab. Other favourites include fried noodles, Youtiao (like a churro), Hong Shao Rou (red braised pork belly), beggar’s chicken and Nian Gao, a yummy glutinous rice cake.