Regarded as a tourist Mecca for the masses, Chennai is also a dream destination for food lovers. Here are some of the must-sample treats in the city’s dynamic street food scene.

Image credit- Unsplash,Tanuj_handa,CC0


This crispy and delectable snack is sold all across Chennai; however, the best place to sample this North Indian street food hit is at Kakada Ramprasad Chats and Sweets. With so many variations of chaat in the market, visitors may find themselves overwhelmed with the options on offer at Chennai’s Ganga Chats and Hemanth Chats but the potato infused Aloo Tikki chaat remains a favourite among locals.


This rice flour concoction is a staple in most households across Tamil Nadu. It is usually served with coconut chutney and sambar. Wholesome and delicious, the flaky texture of the idlies is what locals and expats keep coming back for time and time again. Fluffy idlies can be enjoyed at the Murugan Idly Shop or Idly Express and the Idly Factory in Chennai.


Whether one is based at Citadines OMR Chennai or any other serviced apartments in OMR, tourists will not be too far from one of Chennai’s Atho joints. This noodle dish of Burmese origin is served with a number of vegetables and is sold in countless roadside kiosks on Beach Road, the Burma Bazaar and at Atho Corner and Atho Man.


Although it is similar to Pakora, Bhajji is perhaps even more delectable due to its intense mix of flavours. The best place to dig into a plate of onion on vegetable-based Bajji in Chenna includes the Mak N Bhajji Shop and East Mada Road’s many outlets while Jannal Kadai and Nair Mess are other street food hubs that serve the dish with an array of chutneys.