“A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away”. Coffee has been a mood fixer for many generations, and you would likely find your family’s ancestors to have expressed their love towards this ideal cup of joy. Coffee is the sole survival reason for most hard workers. While the preferred method in brewing the perfect cup of coffee may be different for each individual, here are some of the most loved ways to enjoy your favourite cup of caffeine.

French Press

Perhaps the most popular method of brewing coffee; the French press is one of the most affordable and friendly coffeemakers you would find. With the ability to make multiple cups in one batch in a matter of 10 minutes at maximum, the outcome is certain to be of rich and full-bodied coffee. In Sri Lanka, a quality French Press can be purchased from Fits Retail, your one-stop shop for premium coffee products, coffeemakers and soluble premixes.

South Indian Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee | Img via Pixabay

With a 15-20 minute brew time, this South Indian cup of bliss is a strong coffee with a milk base. Prepared in two stainless steel cups that are placed on top of each other, the coffee in the top cup drips to the one below through several holes with a pressing disc that allows you to tamp the beverage. The coffee will be kept warm during the process with the use of a lid that comes as a part of the coffeemaker.

Coffee Bags

A quick trick for your coffee mood, the use of coffee bags is almost as same as using tea bags. With an efficiency of a teacup, coffee bags allow you to brew the perfect cup of coffee in a matter of four minutes. Simply dip the soft mesh-like pouch (coffee bag) into hot water and leave it aside. Your coffee will be ready in no time. Remember to remove the coffee bag before taking a sip!

Cold Drip

Cold drip coffee, a variation of the cold brew holds a rather significant distinction from the latter in the preparation method. This uses a drip tower where the cold water drips onto the ground coffee, which then absorbs the water. If you enjoy an intensely flavoured cup of coffee, the 12-hour wait will be worthwhile.