A foodie tour in China is one where you will be truly spoilt for choice with dishes varying from city to city and region to region; that said, here are four popular culinary creations across the nation that you should have on your visit.

Hot Pot

Eating in China, like in most Asian countries, is something to enjoy with family and friends, and a hot pot meal epitomises this. Generally, a gas or induction cooker will be placed at the table with a pot that has a soup stock; the people around the table will choose the meats, seafood, and veggies as well as the condiments to put within the pot as the soup cooks in front of them! Be it in Beijing, Shanghai or Dalian, accommodation options can usually be found within easy reach of restaurants that offer hot pot.

Dim Sum

A Cantonese culinary favourite, dim sum is not to be missed especially when in China; when based at centrally located properties like Somerset Grand Central Dalian, you can easily find eateries that have it on the menu. For those who haven’t had it before, dim sum is the collective name given for a variety of small dishes such as dumplings that have yummy fillings like pork or shrimp; they are served in traditional steamer baskets and are usually enjoyed with tea.

Chow Mein

Chinese fried noodles are usually categorised as “chow mein” and because there are so many variations across the country, you can enjoy different flavour combinations depending on the destination or chef! Common ingredients include spring onion, beansprouts, cabbage, and bell pepper and to which are added shrimp, chicken or pork. The noodles used can vary in texture too, while the sauce added during the stir-frying process can consist of Shaoxing rice wine, oyster sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and soy sauce.

Char Siu

Another Cantonese favourite, char siu is a must-try for those who love pork. What you can expect to savour is slow-roasted pork that is glazed in honey and barbecue sauce till it’s succulent and tender and just melts in the mouth! The marinade that can feature ingredients like oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and spring onions is also a key part of this dish that can be eaten with noodles or rice.