Food is a quintessential part of the Arabian culture and travellers who have had their fair share of taste of these authentic delicacies have been left speechless. Here are some of the handpicked and most favourite Middle Eastern food that one must not miss during a vacation to the Arabian Gulf. 


This popular Arabic food is known across the globe for its ability to play the role of a dip, paste or even an ingredient for the main dish. Served at almost every Abu Dhabi restaurant, Tahini is prepared with the use of sesame seeds as its base. Foodies can use it as a side for both sweet or savoury dishes, and therefore is a must-try when you dine at Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. 

Miansari66, Tahini with roasted sesame, CC0 1.0


Most Middle Eastern food is based on healthy ingredients and Falafel is no exception. Prepared using chickpeas, Falafel is perhaps one of the most popular Arabic dishes, rated after the ever-famous Hummus of course. This multipurpose delicacy is made with chickpeas, onions and spices, which can be used as both an appetiser and as the side of protein in a vegetarian dish. 


The most popular sought-after and well-known Middle Eastern food of all. Hummus has slowly become a staple appetiser or dip in many countries and restaurants. This Arabic preparation is made out of mashed chickpea and complements any food that is paired with it. This divine speciality is made even more flavourful by adding olive, garlic, oil and lemon juice, and can even be used as a sandwich spread, in addition to being served with pita bread and vegetables. 


Ending our list with a sprinkle of sugar! These super sweet Arabian goodies are made of pistachios, or a combination of almonds, walnuts and the first. While the Greeks top it with honey, the Arabs add their touch to it by garnishing it with orange blossom or rose water. This syrup not only boosts its taste but makes it look all the more appetising and presentable. Although the preparation may be time-consuming, the outcome will be worth the wait.