If you’re ever in Doha – the capital of Qatar – you should definitely consider going on a culinary adventure through the city. From spicy delights to sweet delicacies and so much more, there’s no end to the amazing flavours you can enjoy here. So, here’s a look at some of Doha dishes that you simply can’t miss out on.

Image by Nawal Escape from Pixabay


This is a classic dish that you can find in most reputable restaurants in Doha Qatar – for instance, the in-house dining options at Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli will also most likely serve this dish too. A stew prepared with all kinds of meat, a choice of vegetables, and sprinklings of lime and ginger, you can savor each bite with this one.

Warak Enab

If you’re looking for the perfect street snack to enjoy as you explore Doha, the Warak Enab is definitely the way to go. Essentially, this is a mix of lamb, minced beef and rice that’s wrapped up in a vine leaf!


Flavoured with a select choice of spices that range from saffron to rose water, Balaleet is one of the finest delicacies you can try in Doha. This is actually a pasta dish that’s infused with a perfectly cooked omelette – all in all, it makes for some great eating.


Majboos is the national dish of Qatar, and as such, this is definitely a dish you need to try out while you’re here. Lamb and chicken are the heroes of this dish, while all kinds of tasty spices give it additional depth and flavour.