Qatar has quickly become one of the most-visited countries in the Middle East – one of the reasons for this is the sheer variety of amazing cuisine that you can enjoy here. From spicy delights to succulent sweets – here’s a look at some of the traditional Qatari dishes you can savour while you’re here.

Image credit- Wikiemirati, Luqaimat, CC BY-SA 4.0


Machboos is the national dish of Qatar, and as such, this is definitely a dish you need to try out while you’re here. Lamb and chicken are the heroes of this dish, while all kinds of tasty spices give it additional depth and flavour.


This is a classic dish that you can find in most reputable restaurants in Wakra – for instance, the Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli. Prepared with all kinds of meat, choice vegetables, and sprinklings of lime and ginger, you can savor each bite with this one.


If you want to try something that’s rich and buttery, a Madrouba is definitely the way to go. Meat that’s been stewed is served alongside mashed beans and milky rice – it’s a true Qatari delicacy!


This is one of the best desserts you can try out while you’re here in Doha. In essence, luquaimats are deep-fried dough balls that are coated in syrup and honey – it’s simple, sweet, and delicious.