While you may have your routines when it comes to coffee be it when or the type you drink, did you know each country has a coffee culture too? Read on to find out more!

Italy is a land where the espresso rules! This strong coffee is drunk throughout the day, though usually quite quickly rather than taking one’s time. Some of the best coffee suppliers in Sri Lanka offer espresso coffee for you to enjoy such habits too! Cappuccino is also popular though it’s generally drunk only at breakfast.

Germans love coffee though there is no one favourite type be it strong or weak as in some European countries; capsule espresso machines are thus very popular and cater to diverse preferences. If you are looking to get a taste of what they love drinking, you can try Dallmayr coffee in Sri Lanka offered by its sole agent, Fits Retail.

In France, breakfast is usually accompanied by cafe au lait, a half and half combination of strong filter coffee and milk that are poured in at the same time. Black coffee or espresso is enjoyed during the day and here, people like to take their time drinking it. After dinner, the French tend to drink black coffee with Cognac added in.

United States
The coffee culture in the United States is quite different to that of Europe with coffee chains offering an increasing array of flavours and varieties to choose from served hot or cold. Instant coffee is very popular and though some diners offer standard black coffee, there are coffee bars that provide more refined blends.


Global coffee cultures are the ways people have adopted coffee drinking into their lifestyles as can be seen in Germany, France, Italy & the United States.