Due to several similarities prevailing in the red and green curries you come across in Thai cuisine, they often create confusion among food lovers. But now the confusion is over because this article is going to guide you through the differences.

TakeawayThai green chicken curry and rotiCC BY-SA 3.0

The similarities first

During your tour in Bangkok, Thai dining will indeed be something you’d love to try, and you will surely come across the red and green curries, or at least hear of them. Both of them are based on coconut milk and share the same staple ingredients like garlic and fish sauce.

The main difference

The main difference between the two curries comes with the types and colour of chilies used when preparing the curries. Dried red chilies are used for the red curry and obviously, the raw green chilies for the green curry.

Which is the spicier one?

The spicier one is always red curry. In the local language, the red curry is called ‘gaeng phed’ which means the ‘Spicy Soup’ when translated, and this says it all.

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Varieties of food that go with these curries

For those who love spices always choose restaurants like Spice Market Bangkok which is located at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel for their dining escapades, and here you find both the curries served together with rice, noodles or proteins like beef, pork or chicken.