Sri Lankan cuisine is a combination of many different cultures and cuisines that the end product is unique and deliciously flavourful. Thanks to the influences of Portuguese, Dutch, English, Indian, Arabic and Malay cooking styles, here are a few iconic dishes you should ask your Sri Lanka travel agency to take you to.


1. Ambul Thiyal (Pickle Fish Curry)
Ambul thiyal is normally made from a big and firm chucky fish such as tuna. The fish is sautéed in spices, more heavily the local black pepper and simmered down until the curry is thoroughly cooked. It originates in the South of the country.

2. Kottu
Kottu is synonymous with Sri Lankan cuisine and can be found all over the country, mainly in street food stalls but also at gourmet restaurants. It is roti chopped together with a mix of meats and any other garnishes.

3. Jaffna Crab Curry
Heralding from the northern Tamil cuisine, Jaffna crab curry is a delicious way to prepare crab. Aitken Spence Travels can organise a tour of the best crab curry locations around the country so you can be the judge.

4. Lamprais
Lamprais comes from the Dutch Burgher community which is a rice and curry mix that is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. It can come in various meat flavours.

5. Polos Curry (Young Jackfruit Curry)
Jackfruit is a staple dish in Sri Lanka in all its various forms. Young jackfruit is made into a chunky rather meaty curry and can be stored for a long time.