Located off the south coast of India, Sri Lanka boasts a unique cuisine that is rivalled by no other. Rice and curry are a staple of this country. There are plenty of amazing things that you’ll learn about this splendid cuisine while you’re dining in Sri Lanka, for instance, at one of the restaurants in Marawila at popular hotels the likes of Amagi Beach.

Sri Lankan Curries are Really Spicy

Img via Amagi Beach

If you want the authentic Sri Lankan experience, tell your waiter that you’re willing to have spicy food – but you may have to brace yourself for the fiery sensations these dishes create on your taste buds.

Seafood – A Massive Ingredient!

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean – so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this tiny island nation obtains most of its diet from the sea. Await scrumptious crab curries and delightful devilled prawns when you dine in this country.

Unique Breakfast

Sri Lankan breakfast is unlike any other you’ve experienced before. A variety of food including string hoppers, pol roti, egg hoppers, and even plain hoppers are frequented at a Sri Lankan breakfast table. But what makes them taste quite delicious is the array of sambols that are served with them.

A Cultural Fiesta

The fact that Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic nation also means that the country is blessed with tantalising dishes coming from various cultures.