Be it savoury, spicy or sweet, the Maldives offers distinctive dishes and drinks for you to enjoy. If you are wondering what to sample, here are some top picks!


This is a form of fish soup or broth that is quite popular in the Maldives. Restaurant options be it at resorts or local eateries, serve this dish which is generally made with tuna and eaten with rice as well as chillies and lime which add to the flavour.

Mas Huni

mashuni| Img by: ╚ DD╔ via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0


One of the most well-known Maldivian dishes, mas huni is made from shredded tuna along with grated coconut, lime and onions. A breakfast favourite, it is usually enjoyed with roshi, a type of chapati. Such delights are well worth trying and resorts the likes of The Nautilus Maldives do have dining options featuring local cuisine.

Aluvi Boakibaa

Those with a sweet tooth will love aluvi boakibaa. This delectable cake is made using cassava and coconut and is a treat you may enjoy with a much-loved local drink, sai; this is in fact, the name given for tea which is served black or with milk.

Maldivian Lady

This is not a traditional drink, but rather a cool cocktail you can have in the Maldives! Made by mixing pineapple and orange juice, apricot brandy, grenadine and white rum, it offers a tantalising tropical drink for you to savour day or night.