It’s no secret that Singapore is a country that is obsessed with food. An average Singaporean is said to eat at least five or six meals a day! That sounds like quite a lot of feasting, doesn’t it?

Food dishes to try out in Singapore | Image Credit - yeowatzup, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons
Food dishes to try out in Singapore | Image Credit – yeowatzup, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons

Spicy Coconut Rice

Served at the Bali nasi Lemak restaurant this Malaysian dish is given a new twist. An Indonesian flavour is given to the spicy coconut rice with the addition of Balinese black kepap manis which is a sweet and savoury soy sauce. If you are hoping to sample Singapore’s delicious cuisine, reserve your stay a place which offers close proximity to many restaurants in Farrer Park, the likes of Park Hotel Farrer Park.

Top Picks for Lunch

XO Sliced Fish Bee Hoon is a delicious lunch dish, served with thick white noodles, fried slices of fish, ginger and Chinese cabbage. The dish also contains dried seaweed, tofu, tomato and a dash of XO Cognac. If you are in the mood for some chicken, try the Ayam Penyet, which translated to smashed chicken in Malay. Singapore chilli crab is a must try if you are sampling Singaporean street fare.

Sup Tulang

A left over’s soup that has taken Singapore by storm – Sup Tulang is basically shank bone boiled down with tomato paste and spices; best mopped up with bits of baguette. A delicious concoction Sup Tulang was born when street side kiosks ran out of Indian style mutton curry broth.


Let’s not forget about dessert! If you have a sweet tooth after all the spicy dishes you’ve tried, try Tau Huey, a tofu pudding, served with delicious sweet syrup. If you are craving a nuttier flavour, try Tang Yuen in peanut soup.

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