When it comes to Chinese cuisine Sichuan style is the most popular in the world. This style of cooking is used for thousands of dishes, but which one do you taste first? This article shortlists 4 of the best Sichuan dishes for foodies who are going for their first try.

Somchai Sun at English Wikipedia, Sichuanese cuisine, CC BY-SA 3.0

Kung Pao Chicken
The star ingredient of the dish is obviously chicken with peanuts being the co-star. This is sweet and sour with an earthy taste from the peanuts and a lot of spice. Chicken is diced and is soft in texture just melting in the mouth!

Ma Po Tofu
Tofu is tossed in oil and thrown in with beef giving the dish a pungent and spicy flavour which brings out the essence of Sichuan cuisine and can be found at any Singapore Sichuan restaurant. Have some and you will find that it is quite smooth on the palate.

Sichuan Hot Pot
No sooner the hot pot is brought to the table the spicy aroma of the mix that’s cooking is sure to make your mouth water. An assortment of meat and vegetables will be placed on the table, you can boil and taste whichever one you like.

Dandan Noodles
On the streets close to hotels like PARKROYAL On Kitchener Road Singapore, you are bound to find a spot that sells this wonderful reddish. The noodles are boiled and added into a hot red and spicy sauce. It’s simply yum!