The Balinese has a rich food scene that includes delectable dishes, snacks, and desserts, most of which are offered at many properties of the island such as Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali. Experiencing some of these flavours would add more meaning and colour to your already scintillating holiday experience in your Bali Kuta resort.

Babi Guling

An all-time favourite of the Balinese, Babi Guling includes spit-roast pig that is prepared by slowly rolling over a coal fire. It is usually stuffed with an assortment of vegetables such as cassava leaves and other traditional spices.

Nasi Kampur

Nasi Kampur
Nasi Kampur| Img by: Fei Tan via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

An Indonesian dish with a scoop of white rice that is usually surrounded by a number of other dishes such as meat, vegetables, peanuts, eggs, and fried shrimp krupuk. The Balinese version of this dish is commonly known as Nasi Kampur Bali or Nasi Bali. Its flavours are punctuated by Bali’s signature spice mix called basa genep.


Betutu is most often identified according to its base ingredient; bebek betutu for the duck version and ayam betutu for the chicken dish. This traditional, richly-spiced dish can be found in many Balinese restaurants and is a highlight of the tourist choices.

Satay Susu

A delectable dish that can be found in Bali, Satay Susu can be interpreted as “milk satay,” although the dish itself does not contain any milk.