When you are on a trip to Vietnam, you should not miss Ho Chi Minh’s diverse and appealing food. The flavours are intricate, delicious, chopstick licking and bowl sipping.

Pho Le
Pho Le | Image Credit : Guilhem Vellut from Paris, France, Pho, Le Pousse-Pousse, Montparnasse, Paris 002, CC BY 2.0

Pho Le

When talking about Vietnamese food, the first thing that comes to mind would be their beef noodle soup. This soup is savoury and it is prepared by simmering the beef for more than 24 hours stacked with cilantro, fresh onions, fish sauce, thinly sliced beef, and lime. This place is easily accessible from many serviced apartments in Ho Chi Minh City, the likes of Somerset Vista Ho Chi Minh City.

Chi Tuyen

You will hardly come across a better place than Chi Tuyen to savour a delicious Bun Thit Nuong, a traditional dish with rice noodles and pork. This no-frills street food spot is popular among locals and tourists alike since the rice noodle dish served here cannot be compared to any other place in the city. The rice noodle dish is topped with grilled pork, fresh salad, and roasted peanuts.


If you want to savour different types of Vietnamese food under one roof, this will be an ideal place to be at. Unlike many other street food spots that specialize in one dish, this local restaurant will take you on a memorable culinary journey. You should definitely taste its fried baby squids with tamarind sauce and fried tofu and rice vermicelli served with shrimp paste.


You can pretty much savour the majority of food flavours from the continent of Asia here. Also, those who want to experience the fusion of Taiwanese and Vietnamese cuisine should definitely visit this place which is located in the heart of District one.

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