If you adore food and by chance happen to be or are planning a visit to China, the place to visit is definitely Chengdu which is a foodie paradise. Given below are some Sichuan foods to taste test and where to find them.

Noodles | Image Credit : Guilhem Vellut from Paris, France, Dan Dan Noodles, Saveurs de Chengdu, Paris 002, CC BY 2.0

Noodles & Wontons

Let’s begin this Sichuan culinary journey with noodles and wantons. You are sure to be amazed at the various types of noodles found in Chengdu! However, one of the favourites would be Dan Dan Noodles and Chilli Oil Wontons which can be found even at hotels like Ascott Reffles City Chengdu.

The Hot Pot

This is one of the most traditional dishes one cannot miss when in Chengdu! It’s time to step out of those service apartments in Chengdu and hit the streets in search of that famous Hot Pot dish. Check out Bashu Dazhaimen Hot Pot for the best experience.

Traditional food spots

To find some of the most delicious authentic food in Chengdu, travel to the quieter parts of town with few buildings and less traffic. Here the locals serve dishes with flavours that just explode in your mouth!

Luxury dining

There are quite a few spots if you are up for a fine dining experience in Chengdu. Hotels such as Ascott Raffles City Chengdu manage restaurants that serve traditional Chinese cuisine in style.

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