Guangzhou food is known as Cantonese cuisine and it uses fresh ingredients which makes it nutritious and sensational on the taste buds. Guangzhou is, in fact, the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and there are some amazing dishes you need to try out.

Dim Sum
Dim Sum | Image Credit : ProjectManhattan, Dim sum, CC BY-SA 3.0

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a staple Cantonese dish that has its roots thousands of years back. It contains either steamed or fried dumplings. Dim sum is generally served in a steamer basket or small plate and may be accompanied with soy sauce or any other kind of dipping sauce. If you’re based in accommodation in Guangzhou China the likes of Ascott Guangzhou, you’ll come across plenty of restaurants to savour popular Cantonese dishes such as Dim Sum.

Kao Ru Zhu

This flavoursome dish has been a part of Cantonese cuisine for over 1,400 years. It is a dish made up of roasted whole suckling pig and it is cooked in two ways; either slow roasted to preserve tenderness in the skin or roasted over a full fire for a melted and crackling skin.

Shuang Pi Nai

Getting on to the subject of delicious Cantonese desserts Shuang Pi Nai is a must try. It is a sweet dish made up of buffalo milk, egg white, and sugar. The creamy texture is quite a treat on your palate and quite often Shuang Pi Nai is topped with raisins, lotus seeds and a red bean.

Long Hu Dou

Straying away from the path of conventional food we come to the exotic dish called Long Hu Dou. Translated the dish name means dragon fighting against the tiger. And it is just so, for the dish is made up of snake and wild cat – not a meal for the faint-hearted.

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